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Italian Meatballs, Tortilla Crusted Chicken or Fish, and Frozen Berry Pie


Trisha's D

Hello Again,

As some of you may know, I’ve been recovering from surgery due to a knee injury I suffered a couple of years back. My husband John said he knew I had turned the corner when I got back into the kitchen with a smile on my face.

I love to cook and I’ve got three great recipes to share with you. Here are two entrees and a super tasty dessert I’m sure you, your family, and friends will  enjoy. Bon Appetite!


Italian Meatballs

with Garlic linguine


 Click here for recipe: Italian Meatballs

Tortilla Crusted Chicken or Fish


Click here for recipe: Tortilla Crusted Chicken or Fish

Mixed Berry Frozen Pie


 Click here for recipe: Mixed Berry Frozen Pie




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