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Three Course Dinner for Special Guests

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Hello Everyone!

I’ve got something very special for you.  If you are looking for an entire dinner that will dazzle your dinner guests, look no further.

To begin, a delicious and healthy salad your guests will love. Next, one of the best chicken dishes I’ve ever prepared.

Better yet, you place the chicken on top of a tasty potato dish. Both are then covered with a wonderful white wine sauce.

Your guests will love this dinner.

 Just click on the link for the full recipe.

Kale Broccoli Salad

 Kale Broccoli Salad

Prosciutto Chicken & White Wine Sauce

Prosciutto Chicken & White Wine Sauce

Layered Scallop Potatoes

Layered Scallop Potatoes

Next time I’ll give you a couple of great dessert options to go with this dinner.


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Easter Salad and Side Dishes

Happy Easter everybody! 

I’m sure many of you are thinking about preparations for your family’s Easter meal. With that thought in mind, I want to share some delicious recipes I know will be ideal for your holiday table. Here is a super salad and three wonderful side dishes that will compliment any main entree. When planning a holiday meal, I not only want to prepare delicious food, I select dishes that are colorful and fit the occasion. These dishes will be perfect for your Easter table. For the complete recipe, simply click below. Enjoy.  

     Walnut Mandarin Salad 

      Teriyaki Broccoli Slaw






Brussels Sprouts with Water Chestnuts

      Carrot & Apple  Casserole






Thanksgiving Salad Recipes


As I began to plan my Thankgiving Dinner this year, I decided to change things up a bit. As traditional as I am (there are some traditional dishes I will never give up), I love trying new recipes and introducing family and friends to wonderful new taste treats. Here are the recipes for a cranberry salad and an apple salad, either of which will go very nicely with your holiday meal.    

Simply click on the link for each recipe.

Scroll down the page for some additional “Food Facts” and “Timely Tips.”

Cranberry Salad

Apple Salad    







 Food Facts

Cranberries have anti-bacterial properties that positively affect urinary tract health as well as strong antioxidant properties.

Apples have a favorable effect on digestion, are amazing for controlling blood sugar and are a good source of soluble fiber.

Timely Tips







Use your potato peeler to remove the strings on celery and tone down it’s bitter taste.

Kitchen scissors, slightly dusted with powdered sugar, are perfect for cutting dates.