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Barbecue Shrimp and Spicy Sole

Going back in time, both my husband John and I began to eat fewer meat dishes. Given that both set of parents had mid-western roots, this was quite a departure from the meals we were used to eating. We had not sworn off red meat, it just turns out we both like chicken and fish more than we do beef.

In this blog I’m sharing two of my current favorite fish recipes. The first is a dish I’ve been making for a few years. It’s “Barbecue Shrimp” that is extra spicy and a real taste treat. I love food that wakes up the senses.

The second dish, “Spicy Sole,” is one I just made recently and was a big hit with everyone. As the name implies, it is spicy and delicious. I think you and your family and guests will love it.

Just click on the links for the complete recipes.

 Barbecue Shrimp

                                   Spicy Sole

About Trisha Parker:





Trisha is the mother of three sons and has five grandchildren. She began as a finalist in the Miss Teen USA competition, worked as a model in television and print, became a New York based flight attendant, and then launched her long and successful career as a corporate executive. Recently retired, she has co-authored a book with her husband, The Best of Our Lives: Sharing the Secrets of a Healthy and Happy Retired Life, and lives every day to its fullest. She has been featured on both radio and television programs and is a frequent guest speaker. In addition to working for her favorite charities, Trisha is an accomplished chef, seamstress, fitness enthusiast, bargain hunter and travel adventurer. 

For a copy of her book, go to www.TheBestofOurLives.com

Valentine Confections


I’m going to make this short and sweet. Very sweet. I’ve got five wonderful confection treat recipes for the ones you love. Here they are:

Simply click on the link for each recipe and share the love.






Happy Valentine’s Day

XOXO     Trisha

Easy Italian Dishes

Early in our marriage, my husband and I lived in Italy for two years. It was fantastic and I learned to love Italian food. The wonderful fresh ingredients, fragrant spices, and variety make Italian dishes pleasing for almost everyone.

Here are three of my favorite “Easy Italian” recipes. They are ideal whether preparing dinner for a few or the whole family. Better yet, besides being easy to prepare, they freeze nicely and taste just as good heated up right out of the freezer. (Simply click on the link for each recipe)   





Timely Tips

Cooking Tomato-based Sauces

I like to use a wooden spoon when cooking tomato-based sauces. Certain metals can react to the acidity and plastic spoons will become stained.

A good way to cut down on the acidity of you sauce is to use a little sugar, especially if any of your diners has digestion issues. I typically add a small amount of sugar, approximately 1/2 teaspoon or one small sugar packet at the end of the cooking time.




Easy Italian Early Preparation Baking Directions

If you prepare in advance, you can refrigerate for up to 48 hours prior to baking. Cover dish in plastic wrap and cover everything in foil. To bake, remove wrap, replace foil, and bake for 15 minutes more than stated in recipe.

If you prepare and freeze, or want to freeze leftovers, cover in plastic and then foil. Freeze for up to two months. If you go directly from freezer to oven, bake for 1 hour more than stated in recipe. If you thaw the dish, bake for 15 minutes more than stated in recipe.




Let me know what you think of these tasty dishes.

XOXO  Trisha




I hope you had the opportunity to check out my last blog featuring two of my favorite vegetable sides, perfect for your Thanksgiving meal.

While keeping my desserts traditional, I also like to mix it up a little.  With my “test kitchen” in full operation this week, we invited our neighbors over for a piece of Nutty Pumpkin Pie.  It was a big hit and they suggested that I drop one off on Thanksgiving Day. 

If you are sharing your Thanksgiving meal with grandchildren or anyone that want to pass on the pie crust, make a batch of the Pumpkin Pie Recipe, fill custards cups, bake as directed and garnish with a wafer cookie.

Simply click on the link for each recipe.

Nutty Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie


Pumpkin is very nutritious and like winter squash is easy to add to your diet.  Canned pumpkin has no salt or sugar and fresh pumpkin is easy to prepare.  Canned or fresh pumpkin is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin C, potassium and fiber.  As a source of vitamin A, in the form of beta-carotene, pumpkin supports eye health and the functioning of our immune system.  Vitamin C is not manufactured or stored in the body and is one of the many antioxidants critical for the growth and repair of tissues.  One cup of cooked pumpkin provides approximately 25% of the daily value of potassium and fiber.

Cinnamon will not only enhance the flavor of your dish, but it is loaded with plant compounds that improves cholesterol metabolism and can help fight a myriad of diseases.  It is especially beneficial for individuals with type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes and weight issues.






While I enjoy the cooking, clean up can be a chore so I’m always on the lookout for short cuts. I typically do my chopping before I prepare my recipe, so to cut down on the dish washing, I use basket style coffee filters instead of bowls for dry ingredients.

Also, don’t toss those plastic placemats that have lost their luster. They are perfect for chopping and clean up with a warm soapy dishcloth.

Happy Thanksgiving

XOXO       Trisha


Thanksgiving Side Dishes

I really hope you liked my last blog which featured two of my favorite holiday salad recipes. If you are like me, you may struggle with trying to find an appropriate vegetable recipe for your holiday meals. Steamed veggies seem to get passed around quickly but aren’t usually too popular. Well, I’ve discovered two recipes that are quite delicious and will go well with any of your main dishes. One is for yummy creamed peas and the other is for sweet potatoes so sweet and delicious you could serve them for dessert.

Simply click on the link for each recipe:

Creamed Peas

Sweet Potato & Apple Casserole

Food Facts:

1. Green peas are loaded with nutrients and are a good source of vitamin K1 which is important for maintaining bone health and contributes to the body’s blood clotting function.  In addition, they contain folic acid and vitamin B6 which is important for cardiovascular health.

2. Sweet potatoes are also loaded with nutrients, specifically manganese, vitamin A and vitamin C. Manganese plays a role in the prevention and treatment of numerous medical conditions. Vitamin A, in the form of beta-carotene is beneficial for vision health and the functioning of our immune system. Vitamin C is not manufactured or stored in the body and is one of the many antioxidants critical for the growth and repair of tissues.

Timely Tips:




1. Freeze your marshmallows. This will keep them nice and fresh and ready for use in baking or in a fresh salad.

2. Sweet potatoes are very dense and hard to slice. I’ve discovered that if you microwave them for one minute, let them cool for comfortable handling, you can peel them with ease and slicing will not be a problem.

Let me know what you think?

XOXO Trisha


Thanksgiving Salad Recipes


As I began to plan my Thankgiving Dinner this year, I decided to change things up a bit. As traditional as I am (there are some traditional dishes I will never give up), I love trying new recipes and introducing family and friends to wonderful new taste treats. Here are the recipes for a cranberry salad and an apple salad, either of which will go very nicely with your holiday meal.    

Simply click on the link for each recipe.

Scroll down the page for some additional “Food Facts” and “Timely Tips.”

Cranberry Salad

Apple Salad    







 Food Facts

Cranberries have anti-bacterial properties that positively affect urinary tract health as well as strong antioxidant properties.

Apples have a favorable effect on digestion, are amazing for controlling blood sugar and are a good source of soluble fiber.

Timely Tips







Use your potato peeler to remove the strings on celery and tone down it’s bitter taste.

Kitchen scissors, slightly dusted with powdered sugar, are perfect for cutting dates.

My Family’s Favorite Dessert

                                                 Chocolate Pudding Cake

The first recipe I want to share on my new site is one that simply cannot miss. It’s my family’s all-time favorite and one I guarantee will bring you rave reviews.  It’s easy to make, but quite delicious. Simply click below and a Pdf file will appear which you can easily download.

          Pudding Cake

I will be updating this site frequently and next week will begin to share my favorite holiday recipes with you. Please feel free to give me your feedback and share your favorite recipes in the reply section.  In order to make this a wonderful forum for delicious recipes and cooking tips, I would consider it a great favor if you would save my site in your “favorites” and forward it to all of your friends who might be interested in getting this information. Thanks.

XOXO, Trisha