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                                                 Chocolate Pudding Cake

The first recipe I want to share on my new site is one that simply cannot miss. It’s my family’s all-time favorite and one I guarantee will bring you rave reviews.  It’s easy to make, but quite delicious. Simply click below and a Pdf file will appear which you can easily download.

          Pudding Cake

I will be updating this site frequently and next week will begin to share my favorite holiday recipes with you. Please feel free to give me your feedback and share your favorite recipes in the reply section.  In order to make this a wonderful forum for delicious recipes and cooking tips, I would consider it a great favor if you would save my site in your “favorites” and forward it to all of your friends who might be interested in getting this information. Thanks.

XOXO, Trisha


Comments on: "My Family’s Favorite Dessert" (5)

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  2. This is going to be terrific, Trisha! I will be able to add more of your recipes to my collection of favorites! (It’s that time of year to pull out your ‘Harvest Cranberry’ recipe for our Thanksgiving festivities.)

    Looking forward to your additions!

    • Ann

      I can’t wait for you to get the sweet potato recipe. I will send it out today. You MUST try it.

      As you saw from the last post – I simply called the Harvast Cranberry Recipe – Cranberry Salad. Trying to make titles real clear.

      Hope you are BOTH well – Trisha

  3. Trish,
    Looks great but would put this old diabetic into a glucose coma!


    • Al, do you remember the 399 brownie recipe? It came from one of the Directors of Nursing. Dark hair, short –
      I know I would remember the name if I heard it. Anyway, I fixed those the other day – definitely glucose coma material.

      XO – Trisha

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